Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Packing - Part Two

When preparing for a move, packing is a very important part of planning. Whether you hire your moving company to pack or decide to pack yourself, here are some important tips to keep your items intact when travelling from A to B. This is a continuation from last week, Packing Part Two.

The Basic Rules for Packing:

1.Large boxes should not contain heavy articles. Not only could the boxes tear but also they are extremely difficult to carry.

2.Standard-size cartons should be used for stacking.

3.Heavier items should be placed in the bottom of boxes, on their strongest side with items separated by cushioning material.

4.Boxes should be filled completely so they don’t cave in.

5.Cartons should be secured with tape and clearly marked. Properly calculating the required packing materials is a challenge. Movers estimate a standard number of containers for a move and then adjust for the customer's needs, such as for doctors who often have a great quantity of books.

6.Special items – statues, gun collections, crystal chandeliers – may require custom-made containers and special packing.

7.Movers cannot transport inadmissible items like explosives, ammunition, aerosol cans and flammables like gasoline, paints or cleaning fluids.

By: Andrew Brown- Taken from the rules of packing from the Canadian Association of Movers.


  1. Thanks for these great tips. Sometimes when we are too caught up with completing our tasks, we simply ignore the basic rules of packing. Rules like heavy items should go at the bottom and placed in smaller cartons are often overlooked. That is why early packing is advisable to give ample time for mistakes. When all is well, loading and unloading afterwards at the storage unit and beyond will be a breeze too.

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