Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Preparing Your Items for Storage

Last week I shared some tips about what to look for when putting your items into storage. This week I want to share some ways to “prepare” your items for storage. Again, some of these come from the Canadian Association of Movers which can be found at

•Wrap sofas and large upholstered items in protective material. Place sofas on sofa racks to keep them safe.

•Wrap finished furniture to protect it from scratches and marks.

•Moth proof and wrap rugs and place them on racks when storing.

•Wrap anything fragile like mirrors, pictures and smaller delicate items.

•Leave fridge and freezer doors open (or have them serviced) to prevent mold and mildew from growing in them.

•Consider purchasing depository insurance or for if you are really concerned: full protection to value. This will cost you a regular monthly fee, but may be worth the peace of mind, depending on the items.

•Do not store dangerous or perishable goods.

By: Andrew Brown and Sharon Osvald

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us these storage units tips. I think the key is to ensure everything is well "preserved" as they are going to be abandoned in storage for quite some time. Thus basic things like perishables and living things should stay out and materials that can easily rot should be taken care of properly like lining with a plastic sheet and so on. Simple tips to follow which could help save a lot of money afterwards.

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