Thursday, 21 June 2012

Save some time... and some money!

So you have booked your movers... now what?!

We all know that moving can be a very stressful, time consuming, and expensive transition. Being well prepared can save you both time and money on your moving day... and who wouldn't want that? Here are a few tips to help organize yourself as you await the big day.

1. Make a list - having a checklist of everything that must be accomplished before moving day is a great start. It will allow you to see what needs to be done, how much time you have to do it, and provides a sense of accomplishment as you check off completed tasks.

2. Downsize when possible - moving is a great time to figure out what items you actually need and use, and which ones you can do without. Downsizing the amount of "stuff" you have in your house will definitely cut down on moving time. Make a garage sale if possible and earn a little cash to help pay for the move.

3. Pack everything in boxes - besides the large furniture of course, pack everything possible into sealed boxes. One of the most time consuming parts of moving can be collecting small appliances, lamps, and items that are loosely thrown into baskets to be put on the truck. Loose items are not very stackable, requiring the mover to make multiple trips in and out of the house. When everything is sealed in boxes the mover can take multiple boxes in one trip therefor saving you time and money (and saving the mover some energy).

4. Disassemble bed frames - although most movers can do this for you, if you are looking to save some time and money, have your beds disassembled and ready to go. If you know of any other furniture that requires disassembly, let your mover know ahead of time so they can come prepared, or do it yourself to save some time.

5. Leave clothing in your dressers - if your dresser is strong and only has clothes in the drawers, save some packing time and leave them in the dresser. Most movers will wrap the dresser in moving pads to keep the drawers in place and prevent the dresser from being damaged.

6. Ask about wardrobe boxes - Moving Again Inc. offers their customers the free use of wardrobe boxes for clothing hanging in closets. Ask your mover if they have wardrobe boxes to offer you as it will save you packing time and save your clothing from being wrinkled or ruined.

7. Properly package electronics - Be sure that all electronics are safely packaged (original boxes work best) and all cords are tied together to avoid tripping. Moving Again Inc. offers the free use of flatscreen t.v boxes for those who no longer have the original. See if your movers offer anything similar, and let your movers know the size of the t.v so they can come prepared.

Best of luck with your move!

By: Michelle Langdon and Andrew Brown