Thursday, 23 February 2012

Storing Your Stuff

With our world being so mobile, it is more common for people to need to place their belonging into storage. It is important that you are certain your items are being stored safely and securely.

The Canadian Movers Association makes the following recommendations when choosing a storage facility:

1.Find out the reputation of the storage facility you are considering.

2.Make sure you completely understand the services that the company is offering, what your responsibilities are, the liability of the company in the case of damage or theft, how the items are secured and if you have access to your items while being stored.

3.Ask what the additional charges are. Are there charges for wrapping or protective materials, moth-proofing, packing items like mirrors or servicing appliances to prevent the growth of mildew?

4.Keep complete lists of all the items being stored. Compare lists with the company storing your belongings to ensure it matches.

5.Visit the storage facility to see if it is clean, dry and rodent-free. Ask about climate control and security.

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By: Andrew Brown and Sharon Osvald


  1. Thanks for sharing these simple yet very beneficial tips to follow before renting any storage units. Sometimes we can get so desperate to get rid of our belongings due to space constraint back at home, we just hire the first storage facility we see without doing any prior check. That could cause us unwanted circumstances in the future should any damages happen. We should always be on our guard especially if the particular storage facility does not have a reputation that we are already aware of.

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