Thursday, 7 February 2013

Moving Across Canada? ... Let Us Help!

You're looking for adventure, there is new great job opportunities, there is an outstanding post-secondary institution you would like to attend... all of these are reasons why you may decide to leave your home province and move across the country. Relocating to a new province can be a bit overwhelming and you may be unsure where to even start. The following includes the process of getting a quote and preparing for your big move.
Getting A Quote

Most moving companies provide quotes based on an approximate weight of your shipment, typically in pounds. You may be wondering how to figure this out... surprisingly the process is pretty simple.

  • Looking for a quick quote? - There are many websites, for example the Canadian Association of Movers, that can help you get multiple quotes for FREE! You simply provide them with some basic information, including your name, email, origin & destination, and the size of your house or apartment. They will then send out your estimate request to multiple reliable long distance moving companies providing them with your contact information and the average weight of your one, two, or three bedroom home. 
  • Looking for an accurate quote? - The first option is to visit your local moving company's website, they will likely have an estimate request form for long distance moves. Essentially, it is a checklist of all your furniture and household goods that you will be shipping to your new province. This will provide your moving consultant with an approximate weight for them to base your quote on. The more accurate you can fill this out, the more accurate your quote will be. The second option, which is the most accurate, would be to book a FREE in-home estimate with a professional moving company. The moving consultant would come to your home and make a list of everything you would like shipped and will be able to calculate an approximate weight and quote for you. 
Keep in mind... Unless specified, the quote you receive is only an estimate. The price will most likely change based on the final weight of your shipment once the truck is loaded and scaled. 


Once you decide on a company to book with they are most likely going to ask you for a deposit starting around $250.00. This is usually paid by credit card. 

The booking agent will provide you with a pick up date, registration number, and a time spread of when your items will arrive to your new home. Sometimes it can take anywhere from 1 to 23 days, depending on the size of your shipment and where you are moving to. 

All of your loose items MUST be in sealed, labelled boxes. If you plan on downsizing, now is the time to do it. Since you will be billed based on weight, there is no use in paying to have things you no longer need shipped across the country. Remember, if you add anything to your shipment that was not stated during the quoting process, your final price will likely increase. 

Moving Day

Depending on your loading situation, the movers will come in either a large transport truck, or if there is no space for a transport, a straight truck (they will later meet with the transport and shift your items over). The movers will tag and list all of your items on an inventory sheet so they can keep track of your shipment. 

Once loaded you will be able to track your shipment with the registration number by calling the dispatch office. This will help you coordinate your own travel times or help make arrangements for someone to meet the driver at your new destination.

For more information please call Moving Again Inc. at 519-439-5987 or 866-358-6499

By: Michelle Langdon & Andrew Brown