Thursday, 26 January 2012

Packing to Move - Part One

When it comes to moving most people understand their need to enlist in some kind of help. However, you may not know the importance of having a professional pack your belongings, as well as move them. Packing is a bigger part of the move than most people would expect.

When hiring a moving company, people can pay to have everything packed, nothing packed or some things packed – depending on your arrangement. However, the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) recommends customers get at least some of their belongings packed by professionals. Here is why:

•Since movers are not responsible for damage to items packed by owners, professional packing eliminates worry about damages to their belongings.
•Items like breakables, china, artwork and mirrors are very fragile and can break easily if not packed properly.
•Movers use special-purpose packing materials.

Based on the CAM’s outlines and my own experiences, If you choose to pack yourself, these are the items I recommend you use:

•China Barrels for breakables such as dishes
•Wardrobe boxes for clothes
•1.5 cubic-foot box for books, canned goods and heavy items
•4 cubic-foot box for bulky items like kitchen items and lampshades
•Picture cartons

Come Back next week for more tips on packing and wrapping for your upcoming move.

By: Andrew Brown and Sharon Osvald

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