Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Winter Moving Tips

Moving in winter months creates a few more obstacles than during the warmer summer months. As movers we must be extra careful to ensure that we are safe and that nothing of yours gets damaged in the process.

Along with Moving Again Inc., here are some tips to make your winter move run safe and sound.

1. Reduce the chance of slipping. We must be extra careful for our safety that we do not slip on wet and slippery floors. We also need to be certain that the furniture we are moving doesn't get damaged when we are slipping. It is important that you clear the pathway of ice and snow.

2. You may need to reserve adequate parking for the moving truck to park closest to the loading door. Again, please clear a pathway from the truck to the door we are entering into that is wide enough for the widest appliances we will be moving.

3. We lay down floor runners in the house to protect the floor from dirt and abrasion caused from movers who are still wearing their boots.

4. We always will put your bed into a mattress bag, but it is even more important in the winter time so that your bed doesn't come into contact with any dirt or snow. Your furniture is also blanket wrapped to protect the finish and to stop any doors or drawers from swinging open while they are being carried.

5. Please turn down the thermostat; the door is open anyway, and the movers go from freezing cold in the truck to hot and sweating in the house.

6. If you are happy with your movers then offer them a hot coffee, it goes a long way in showing your appreciation of the hard work they are doing.

Wishing you a wonderful winter move.

By: Andrew Brown and Sharon Osvald


  1. Great tips for homeowners to follow. I really like the last one about showing appreciation to the movers who have done a great deal of work especially during winter when it is more challenging. As for the rest of the tips, homeowners need to be responsible so as to ensure that their belongings are carefully wrapped and protected before they are loaded into the mobile storage. The movers will definitely do their best to ensure the safety of the items but homeowners need to do their part too.

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