Tuesday, 8 May 2012

While You Are Waiting

You’re moving.

Congratulations! Your house has sold or you’re nearing the end of your lease. You’ve already got your new home all arranged but you aren’t moving until the summer. There is nothing to do but wait. Not so. There is a lot you can do while you wait, that will make less work for you later on.

Here are a few ideas (besides packing of course):

•Have a garage sale. Take a look at all that extra stuff you’ve accumulated while you’ve been in your current home. If you haven’t used that tread mill, downhill skis or watched those movies in two years, it is time to get rid of them – and make a little money at the same time.

•Get rid of hazardous chemicals. Throw out your old paints cans and cleaning chemicals. Most dumps have special dates you can dispose of these chemicals. Check with your local landfill sites. Don’t forget to empty the fuel from your lawnmower/snowblower.

•Take a good hard look at your clothes closets. Again, if you haven’t worn something for a year – it is time to set it free. There are many places that would benefit from the donations of your gently used clothing, coats and bedding or towels. There will be less to move and you’ll be helping someone.

•Create your change of address list. With email this is a lot less expensive and time consuming than it used to be. Make a list of the relatives, friends and businesses/services that will need your new address.

•Contact your utility companies, insurance company etc. and make sure you have given them your end/ new start dates for services.

•If you are leaving the area, begin researching and making arrangements for a new veterinarian, family physician, dentist, optometrist etc. You can also take this time to research schools, family and recreational activities and churches.

Happy Planning!

By: Sharon Osvald and Andrew Brown


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