Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Creating Curbside Appeal

If you are planning a move this spring/summer but still need to sell your home, there are some things you can do to make your house stand out above the rest. We’ve talked about staging the inside of your home, but many people neglect the outside – which is also important.

Here are a few tips:

1.The inside of your house can be pristine, but if you can’t get people through the doors, it won’t really matter. Start with the entrance. If your porch or front door has chipped paint or is looking tired, dress it up with a coat of paint. Sometimes just painting your front door with a more modern colour (black or a dark red) can make a huge difference.

2.Adding a few seasonal flower pots, some simple plants or flowers and mulch to your flower beds creates instant warmth. If you don’t want a lot of work, consider easy-care plants like hostas or sedums to fill in space and create beauty.

3.A fresh coat of white paint on window sills and tired looking garage doors will also spruce up the front of your home.

4.Get rid of the junk. You may not notice the broken barbeque or the ugly trailer at the side of your place with garbage that needs to go to the landfill site, but buyers definitely will.

5.Cut grass and trim hedges. Sometimes when people know they are moving they stop trying. Now more than ever your home must be “show-ready”. Make your home look like you care about it. This will tell buyers you aren’t hiding a lot of problems they can’t see.

Best wishes selling your home and taking the step to moving on.

By: Sharon Osvald in collaboration with Andrew Brown

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