Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Flat Pack

With more and more of our readers buying flat screen televisions, we realized it might be helpful to know how to pack them if you are moving. So here is our version of "Step by Step" instructions of how to pack a flat screen television. Please note, it is safer and easier to do this job with two people than solo.

1) SUPPLIES (and TV's cords all unplugged and removed).

2) Remove tv stand from the tv... (be sure to keep tv stand, cords, and any tv related electronics together in one box so nothing is misplaced when reassembling)

3) Be sure all supplies are in the package (tv bag, two narrow 1/4" thick foam pieces, two 1/4" thick larger foam pieces)

4) Assemble box and place both narrow 1/4" thick foam pieces in bottom.

5) Place and wrap tv in protective bag.

6) Wrap the outside edges of the tv in both sheets of 1/4" thick larger pieces of foam and tape in place.

7) Place wrapped tv in box.

8) Be sure excess edges of the thick foam are tucked down the inner sides of the boxes so the tv is snug and does not move around.

9) Seal the box and handle with care.

Enjoy your safely packed Big screen TV!

By: Andrew Brown


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