Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Moving with Kids ~ Part Two

Moving can be stressful for everyone, particularly children. As I mentioned last week, a little thinking ahead and careful parenting can make even the farthest move less difficult for your children. Here are some tips - this week we'll discuss what to do after moving to make things smoother:

  1. For small children especially, it is important to be surrounded with things that are comfortable and familiar as soon as possible. Having their items in an accessible “Open Me First” box is a good idea. Items as simple as their favourite cup, breakfast bowl, books and play items will help them feel at home sooner.
  2. Consider unpacking the kid’s rooms first or as soon as possible. The sooner they feel settled the better it is for everyone. It also shows them that they are your priority – not your stuff.
  3. When possible, give your children a say in creating your new living spaces, i.e. paint colours, where furniture is placed and pictures hung up etc. This will help them to feel more in control of their environment.
  4. If moving far from friends and family, take advantage of social media and technologies like Skype and Webcams to show your children they have not totally lost contact with the people they love.
  5. Be intentional about helping your children and yourself make new connections. Sign them up for sports, attend church or clubs together - whatever works for you - in order to help them find good, healthy, new friendships.
By: Sharon Osvald and Andrew Brown

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