Thursday, 5 April 2012

Moving Seniors ~Part One

Moving is difficult for anyone, but things become even more complex when the person moving is a senior. Often they are leaving a home they’ve lived in for decades and are in a situation where there may be healthcare concerns. They need to change their lifestyle.

There are so many questions that must be asked:

•Should they buy a smaller home or rent?

If there are health concerns it might not be wise to tie up your savings with the investment of a home. However, if you are still healthy and active, you may be unhappy in a boxy little rental with no garden or garage to putter in.

•Seniors are vulnerable to scams. Many of them haven’t moved in years and are unfamiliar with the costs or expectations of a move. How do they protect themselves?

When selling their home, a senior should use a licensed and reputable real estate agent. A real estate agent knows the legal issues involved in buying and selling a home. They can refer you to trusted lawyers and other services needed for moving. A good realtor will protect you. Unless it is a family member or completely trusted life-long friend, I don’t recommend letting anyone talk you into trying to save some money by selling privately.

Also, when choosing a moving company, find a reputable moving company with good references and lots of experience. Ask lots of questions. You may want to involve a family member or trusted friend to help you with this.

Finally, never give anyone your private banking information like pin numbers over the phone. (Never give anyone your pin number). It is probably a good idea to bring a trusted friend or relative with you to the bank, if you are unsure of yourself during the financial aspects of the transaction.

More next week on Moving Seniors- By: Sharon Osvald and Andrew Brown

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